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» french grammar

french grammar

So … French grammar? How does this affect the pronunciation of a word? If you want to learn to speak French is absolutely essential that you understand how such an acute accent changes the sound of the word.
Grammar Tip One – the acute accent: the acute accent, known as accent aigu [...]

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» french immersion

french immersion

An immersion course is one of the best resources you can use to learn to speak French fluently. This is a teaching system that allows you to learn French continually exposed to the tongue. If you have no choice but to speak the language exclusively, then you will learn to express themselves effectively [...]

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» beginners french

beginners french

If you want to have a conversation in French with a native speaker or just want to impress your friends, the best way to do this is to learn a few words and phrases.
In this lesson, I'll tell you what the first words that I advise you to memorize, even if [...]

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