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» model rocket engines

model rocket engines

This article is obviously just a basic introduction to model rockets. With the development of the Carlisle brothers' pre-packaged engine model rocket, this is a hobby that security can be enjoyed by all. I encourage you to go out and launch its first rocket. Once you do, you'll be hooked.
If [...]

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» model rocket engine

model rocket engine

If you have a passion for rockets or want to see your rocket flying in the sky to defy gravity on Earth, it is imperative to learn some basic facts about model rocket motor. Watching a rocket taking off from the earth is really fascinating, but knowing the science and mechanics behind [...]

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» rocket kits

rocket kits

Rocket was officially born of the German war machine and its large number of engineers of the invention and construction of V-1 rockets in the middle of the Second World War. The V-1, along with the improvement of the V-2 sister, concentrated produced and used as terror weapon against civilian targets in Britain. [...]

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