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» french words

french words

The dominance of a few basic phrases in French is what to do first when learning a foreign language.
Many people try a course French as a second language, and is a good thing. The only problem is that you choose a learning method that is too long, or that does not [...]

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» french translations

french translations

These are not all equal and actually serve very different purposes.
While it is true that in certain situations, the "right" translation is inadequate (as in advertising, for example) is not true that all translations are good in the adjustments made. In fact, a good translation is not an adaptation. A really [...]

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» english french

english french

How do you think that two languages can speak lingua franca of a person? That person must be really powerful. But that power can be the best means of access to great opportunities in the world. So, being multilingual is now a highly sought after skills among entrepreneurs and even many of the [...]

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